The mission of Feodora Ubud

Feodora Ubud specializes in the design and manufacture of handcrafted rattan & leather handbags and accessories using the finest materials brought together with Balinese artisan skills and a modern flair. We offer a wide range of unique handcrafted rattan bags and accessories that are both innovative and classic. Our products represent the pinnacle of Balinese craftsmanship for their quality and attention to detail

You can find Feodora Ubud products in most top end resort boutiques and airports around Indonesia and through our direct to public stores. Experience for yourself the exclusive handmade bags and accessories of Feodora Ubud, which offer you a practical yet elegant embodiment of Balinese craft skills.

Feodora Ubud products are displayed in most Resort boutiques and airports around Indonesia. Experience a range of exclusive handmade accessories created specifically for you.

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