Bali is known for its numerous crafts and workmanship that have been handed down from one generation to the next. We are proud to tap into these skills and to keep this artisanship alive with modern products that ensure Balinese traditional skills continue into the future

Our Team

Our team of craftsmen are highly skilled and work with passion for their craft. The result is a range of the highest quality products that you will be proud to own and reflect the skills and traditions handed down over generations. Our team also work with sustainably sourced materials, so you know your chosen Feodora Ubud product has been made with sensitivity to the environment in mind.

Bag Maker

We have 4 bag makers working for Feodora Ubud and between them they have 50 years of leather craft experience. We are very lucky to have these amazing craftsmen working exclusively for us to produce the highest quality workmanship for our beloved brand.

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