Feodora Ubud specialises in the production of classic, timeless bags and accessories using the highest quality leather and rattan material produced in Indonesia. Our bags are elegant yet extremely durable and each bag is a handmade classic, with its own distinctive finish reflecting the character and natural imperfections of the materials used in its manufacture. As each item is an artisan made product so no two bags will be identical.

Leather and Rattan Materials

Rattan is one of the strongest cane woods available and was historically used in a range of furniture items. The durability and timelessness of rattan has now seen its use extended into our line of fashion bags. Rattan provides a breathable yet strong panelling for our bags. When matched with leather, our bag designs present an elegant style with a long lasting and durable finish. Our leather is exceptionally well finished and seamlessly integrated with the rattan.

The natural materials used in our bags are complemented by bamboo as the material of choice for our bag handles. Bamboo is also a natural product with a colour and touch that finishes our bags to the highest quality standard. The feel of bamboo in the hand is an obvious choice for our bag handles given its colour, contoured shape fit in the hand and low weight. When you feel our bags we’re sure you’ll agree.

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