Everything is done with love, attention, and time.
It requires a lot of hard work, failures, experimentation, and passion. When you see an item which says “Handmade” it means created by a real person, who puts their heart and soul into it.

Handmade is not mass produced, it’s made from the heart and created with two hands. No other piece will ever be the same, everyone is unique. It’s a creation of love and skill. Everything is done by the craftsmen; from the selection of the materials, choosing the color, the pattern, size, etc. The whole process takes a lot of time and a lot of labor to reach the final result.

The artisans care greatly about the quality and the details, they use all their experience to create a beautiful item. Handmade is better than machine made because it’s original, different and made with passion.

Everything is more beautiful when it’s made with passion from the heart..